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Hi there! I’m Jayne Thompson. Crop-haired freelance copywriter and content strategist. I’m obsessed with helping SMEs get more customers and better search engine rankings, meaning more website traffic and more money. Hurray!


But the start of my career was a lot different.


I wasn’t a copywriter. And I wasn’t self-employed. In fact, I graduated with a first class degree in law from a Russell Group university, and went on to practice real estate law in London and Leeds before leaving to write full time.


I bought books. I took courses. I read “how to” blogs like crazy. And then I got serious and realised that I already had the skills necessary to become a successful copywriter. Things like ditching the technicalities. Speaking to the audience in their words, not mine. Research abilities. Deep business knowledge and a commitment to deadlines. Let’s face it, lawyers already are professional writers. I probably produced more words each day in my former life than I do in my current one.


I mostly work with SMEs because it makes me mad that smaller businesses are not starting on a level playing field. Some agencies charge £500 or more per page of copy or around £2,000 to £3,000 for the average website. I’m not saying they’re not worth it — and really, price should never be a factor in which copywriter you choose. But that kind of money busts the budget for many smaller businesses. When it comes to winning the hearts and minds of customers, I’m all about supporting the underdog.


That’s the potted history. Feel free to contact me at any time on issues like:


  • “I need web copy. Concise, on-brand and elegant, so that I can establish a powerful presence on the Internet.”


  • “I want a write a series of thought-leadership pieces, to really showcase my authority in the B2B space.”


  • “I know I could benefit from a content strategy, but I’m not really sure what I need or how to get started.”



Sound good? Let’s work together and make the web a better place for SMEs.


White Rose Copy

Helping small business owners build authority through expert writing

07972 228086

Let’s be honest, there are lots of excellent copywriters out there. Why choose me?

Aside from the fact that I toss a mean pancake, here’s why I stand out:

22 years’ corporate experience

Across a mix of industries and project engagements. All this experience is available to your business when you hire me.

Flexible as a Russian gymnast

I can push boundaries or play it safe. Your business, your choice.

Yorkshire, born and bred

I'm tight, it's in the blood. I don't charge fancy London prices so your cash goes further with me.


SME specialist

I love big brands. But smaller brands deserve great copy, too.


Academically, I’ve done my time

Two postgraduate degrees. Practising lawyer for many years. I don't just write words; I really understand business.


Friendly service

Clients say that I’m responsive, thoughtful and fun to work with. Stop now, I'm blushing!

What my clients say

Want to hire a freelance copywriter, Leeds?


Do you need a freelance copywriter, Leeds? Or someone to write your blog posts for you?


Great. Let's choose the perfect words to convince your buyers that you're offering something outstanding for their money.


I'm pretty friendly so why not get in touch to see what we can do for each other?


Jayne Thompson

Leeds, West Yorkshire

United Kingdom

Phone: 07972 228086

Email: jayne@whiterosecopywriting.com

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