Client: Appcast

Project: B2B white paper series presenting the results of a major longitudinal study on job application conversion rates. Sound boring? It really isn't

Details: A series of easily-digestible white papers that turn complex data into actionable insights for recruiters.

Link: Download the white papers from the Appcast website (or send me an email)

Client: Skipper Translations

Project: Renate had built a good reputation as a freelance translator but nearly all her clients came via referrals. She needed a professional website to enhance her credibility and attract new clients in today’s competitive translation market. Here's what the client had to say: "I love it! I come across as a true professional, it’s fun to read yet informative – super!"

Details: Website copywriting.

Link: http://www.skippertranslations.nl/

Client: Hanalei West Co

Project: Long-form sales copy for a dietary supplement

Details: Sometimes copy has to roll up its sleeves and work for a living. The client needed a multi-functional sales sheet drafted in tight sections that could be sliced and diced for use in digital, print and third-party sales platforms. Oh yeah, and it had to sell the product.

Link: Here's what I wrote


Client: Transition Partners

Project: Full site content for a boutique IT recruitment agency

Details: It's hard to stand out in a saturated market like recruitment. The power of storytelling transformed the client's dry, imitative copy into transparent, benefits-driven messages that spoke directly to employers and candidates.

Link: Transition Partners' website


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Client: CCWS

Project: Tone of voice rebranding, optimised website and corporate brochure for an office interiors design company

Details: I love it when a client lets me get my quirk on. CCWS wanted radical, so I built the copy around a series of questions designed to challenge, provoke and create one heck of a buzz. Death of the office? I don't think so. Not with these guys around.



Client: Continental Chauffeur Company

Project: Website copy for a private hire chuaffeur service

Details: Website copywriting as it should be — to attract new visitors and improve the conversion rate. The fact that I got to write oozy, elegant prose about cars I'll probably never get to travel in was the icing on the cake.

Link: Continental Chauffeur Services website

Client: Sin City Residential

Project: Website copy and neighbourhood descriptions capturing the neon-lit essence of Vegas

Details: Sun City, golfer's paradise or billionaire's playground? It's Vegas, baby! I had a lot of fun writing about the rich, diverse and frankly wacky neighbourhoods of Vegas. It's just a shame I never got to visit.

Link: Sin City Residential website

Client: Online Solutions Development

Project: Website copy for a web development and design agency

Details: HTML5? CSS3? It's as if the client was speaking a different language! Luckily, the whole point of hiring a copywriter is to cut through the gobble-de-gook and get the messages across in clear, plain English. Mission accomplished.

Link: OSD website


Client: Selling Homes in Ohio

Project: Optimised website and blog posts for an Ohio-based real estate agent

Details: The client had one objective - search engine page rankings. I worked with an SEO expert to reach optimum on-page keyword density ... plus words for people who want to buy and sell houses.

Link: Selling Homes in Ohio website

Client: Molly McCormick Life Coaching

Project: Website copy for life coaching service

Details: I'm so pleased to have met Molly. She has an amazing life story and a wonderful way of looking at the world. All I had to do was listen and frame her stories in just the right type of language. The end result captures her essence perfectly.

Link: Molly McCormick website

Client: Red Flag Property Leasing

Project: Copy editing for website

Details: In a area saturated with real estate mumbo jumbo, it's important to keep it simple, friendly and approachable. Great client made this job easy.

Link: Red Flag Property Leasing website

Client: Prime Medical Property Group

Project: Name, tagline and website for a pioneering community wellness complex

Details: The client asked me to name a new medical hub, the largest of its kind in the region. The building accommodates radiology services, a pharmacy, day surgery, specialist treatment suites, a dental centre, chemotherapy and more.

Link: Read more about this project or visit the PMPG website

Client: Quittance

Project: Landing pages and blog posts for a network of personal injury law firms

Details: I used to be lawyer, so explaining complex legal concepts in a way that people can understand is second nature to me. Plus, I get to show off my awesome legal skills while sitting in my garden drinking tea. How cool is that?

Link: Quittance website

Client: Truity Psychometrics

Project: Blog posts for a personality testing services company

Details: I write regular blog posts for Truity on various careers and lifestyle topics; some by-lined, some ghostwritten. All posts have a Myers-Briggs Type Indicator slant. Don't know what that means? Clearly you're not an INTJ.

Link: Jayne Thompson' blog at Truity

Client: On the Road To Honesty Campaign

Project: Sales emails, Thunderclap campaign copy, pre-sales page and copy editing for an honesty awareness campaign

Details: My client, the author of the On the Road to Honesty e-book for children, wanted to create massive buzz around his message with a viral Thunderclap campaign. I provided various pieces of sales copy and copy editing support. The result? A social reach of 4, 416,091.

Link: Read more at the OTRTH website

Client: CPN Commercial

Project: Brochure

Details: In my career, I've written more copy about real estate than any other industry. It might explain my ridiculous obsession with "Homes under the Hammer."

Link: CPN Commercial brochure

Client: Edge Commercial Interiors

Project: Brochure

Details: A brochure designed to sell the client's services - pure and simple. Writing about design is always a blast. Where else do you get to use words like "fluid" and "harmonious"? Lovely clients, too.

Link: Edge Commercial brochure

Client: Red Flag Systems

Project: Copywriting for website

Details: We did a complete revamp of the website targeting a higher-end audience. It can be hard to make the security industry sound interesting. This does a good job, I think.

Link: Red Flag Systems

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Client: Richard Meier / Meier Fire Investigations

Project: Professional bio and website copy for fire investigation firm.

Details: Meier Fire Investigations decided to give its website a complete overhaul to streamline the copy and make it easier to understand. The previous website included too much industry jargon. I rewrote the copy in a conversational tone, including Mr Meier's professional biography.

Link: Richard Meier biography and Meier Fire Investigations website

Client: Urbahn Fit

Project: Website copy, case studies, blog posts Details: Anka Urbahn is hands down the most inspiring woman I've ever met. Just look at her! So her copy had to be inspiring, too. After speaking at length with Anka, I crafted a website that conveyed the dedication, inspiration and care Anka lavishes on her clients. It really captures what she's all about.

Link: Urbahn Fit website and 'Brand Hero' case studies

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