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Marketing Copywriting


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Marketing is probably not your core business. It exists to give your product or service currency, immediacy and buyer appeal. Therefore, the costs involved for copywriting, designing, printing and mailing your marketing literature are relative to the response they generate. It’s crucial that your copy has enough impact to compel your reader to act, so you receive the highest possible return on your marketing spend.


Freelance marketing copywriter services


I write marketing literature for small to medium sized businesses at highly affordable rates. Some of my most popular services are listed below. If you can’t see what you need, don’t worry. My clients have challenged me with everything from call-for-papers submissions to role-play scripts. I'm confident that my words can shine a light on your business no matter what you need.


White paper copywriting: Information-packed white papers have the power to establish your business as a thought leader so that customers come to you first. I use straightforward language and simple associations to explain complex data — no customer left behind.


Brochure copywriting: Brochures have a longer shelf life than many marketing materials. Every page must keep earning readership and stand the test of time. Carefully choosing the words that answer buyer objections and providing a strong call to action will compel your customers to buy.


Newsletter copywriting: Newsletters are a great way to keep in touch with your clients and tempt them back to your website. But who in your business has the time to hunt down those on-brand, down-and-dirty news stories each month? I've already helped dozens of companies connect with customers through their monthly newsletter. Maybe I could help you, too.


Case study copywriting: Case studies are extended testominials. Through good old-fashioned storytelling, they showcase your credentials as a problem-solver. My case studies have a mixture of creativity and cold-hard facts to makes you stand out from the rest. All available at a price to fit.



Marketing copywriting services

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