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I put all the names and taglines I generate through a seven-point test:


  • Is it original?
  • Is it memorable?
  • Does it mean something?
  • Does the name/slogan fit the product?
  • Is it persuasive?
  • Is it provocative?
  • Is it easy to say and spell?


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What is a tagline?


A tagline:


  • Is a succinct phrase
  • Designed to resonate with a defined audience
  • That powerfully communicates a brand message.


Smartly done, a tagline can establish a strong brand identity for your product or organisation and clearly articulate your customers' needs. But it's not just about the tagline. I can help you create brand expressions such as company names, blog names, mission and values statements, plus a host of other branding features, at highly affordable rates.


The branding process


To generate your name or slogan, I need to understand the unique character of your brand as well as the benefits, promises and values that inform it. You can talk me through this information on the telephone or you can answer a short questionnaire that will take no longer than 15 minutes to complete.


Armed with your answers, I engage in a three-stage brand development process.


#1:The brainstorm: I present around 30 names or taglines that tackle your brand message from a number of angles. These names might evoke:


  • The essential qualities of your brand
  • The key differentiators that set your brand apart
  • The key benefits of attributes that you wish to highlight
  • The deeply-held wishes of your target audience
  • Your organisation’s vision or mission.


#2: Sharpen the message: I present around 10 names or taglines that hone your preferred theme(s). Before I present the selections, I check each one against my seven key metrics for branding (sidebar, right.) This means that you always receive a dynamic, original message that perfectly aligns to your brand.


#3: Polish the story: I develop a short brand story for your final 2-3 selections. This aids your final selection and informs your marketing collateral going forward.


Depending on your availability to review the names/taglines after each round, you can have your new name and tagline in as little as one day!



Life is like a box of chocolates ... you never know what you’re gonna get


Imagine a rainy Friday in September 1994. You're enjoying a night out. You arrive at the cinema, buy your popcorn and take your seat. Around you, people are rustling bags of Minstrels and slurping coke. You're waiting patiently for Speed to start (what? It was a bad month for new releases!) Until then, you settle back and watch the trailers.


And then you hear the “box of chocolates” line.


Now, you haven't seen Forrest Gump. You've haven't even heard of Forrest Gump, because it's 1994, remember? The film isn't out yet. Until this point, your only opinion of the movie, gleaned from watching the trailer, is that the main character’s a bit weird. You're not even sure what kind of film it's supposed to be -- a rags to riches movie? A war movie?


Until you hear that line.


Now you know exactly what type of film this is. Sprawling. Epic. Picaresque. A generous, good-hearted, unconventional, mould-breaking kind of film, full of quirky twists and bulging at the seams.


You know this because someone compares life to a box of chocolates. In other words, the tagline says something fundamental about the movie -- it is the distillation of the very essence of Forrest Gump.

How sharp is your message?

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