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What is business writing?


Copywriting is a type of business writing. But whereas copywriting is focused on your sales and marketing messages, good business writing aims to improve communication across all your departments — purchasing, finance, regulatory, HR and R&D. Projects might include:


  • Marketing plans
  • Business plans
  • RFP submissions, proposals and bids
  • Contracts and agreements
  • Policy manuals
  • Employee manuals
  • Presentations
  • Shareholder communication
  • Research papers
  • Course materials
  • Strategic correspondence
  • Invoices


Why would I need a business writer?


People come to me when their communication is not working. Often it’s because their documents have been adjusted over time, and the message has been lost in the evolution. Sometimes they are drafting a document from scratch, and it’s just not hitting the spot in terms of clarity, consistency or voice.


Good business writing makes sound business sense. Concise, consistent, impactful writing has the power make a great first impression, enhance your company’s reputation and cut the type of misunderstanding that can lead to costly mistakes.


Why should we hire you as our business writer?


I’m a qualified lawyer, and worked in corporate law firms from being a fresh-faced lass of 23. I’ve written contracts, briefs, letters, proposals, brochures, manuals and technical features, and am well-versed in the art of advocacy through the written word.


Over the last few years, much has changed. For a start, I’ve left legal practice, and my face isn’t quite as fresh. But I still understand business. And I put all that experience to use every day for the benefit of my clients.




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I'm a freelance copywriter who specialises in working with small businesses and professional services organisations.


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