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Looking for a freelance copywriter?

I’m Jayne Thompson, a versatile freelance copywriter based in Leeds. Let’s get to the point. You need words. Preferably ones that get people to buy stuff. I can turn your website, brochure or blog into gold dust — generating traffic, making sales and giving you an edge over your competitors.


Copywriting for Web and Print

Crystal-clear copy for your website, newsletter, product brochure and more.


Content Marketing

Storytelling through blogging so everyone knows how amazing you are.

Business Writing

Tactful and unified corporate communications to support your business growth.



What my clients say

Need a freelance copywriter, Leeds?

Do you need a freelance copywriter, Leeds and beyond? Or someone to write your blog posts for you?


I'm a copywriter and business writer who specialises in working with small businesses and professional services organisations. I'm based in Leeds, West Yorkshire but work with clients all over the world.


I'm pretty friendly so why not get in touch to see what we can do for each other?

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Jayne Thompson

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